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Dog Walking Services

Have you ever tried going all day from the time you leave for work until the time you get home in the evening without going to the bathroom?

If you don't have someone taking your best friend outside during the day, he or she knows what it's like. It's one thing to train your dog as a puppy to learn how to control its bladder, but as your dog gets older, their bladder gets weaker. They need more frequent potty breaks to keep them healthy!

Give your dog a break! Literally!

Have Best Friends let your best friend out during the day while you're away!

Services Available

Regular Walk

Best Friends will schedule to come to your location during the day and provide a 30-45 minute dog walk and visit providing plenty of "Tender Loving Care" along the way. You will have a guilt-free day. Whether at work, shopping, at the theme park with the kids or the golf course, you will know your best friend has been walking with his/her new best friend.

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Potty Break

Best Friends will schedule to come to your location and provide a 15-20 minute potty break visit for your best friend to go #1 and #2. This is an inexpensive way for you to stop feeling guilty about your pet spending all day locked up in a kennel, a crate, or just inside the home.

With all of our walking services, we take special care of your best friend while you're away. We always give your pet a "look-over" for ticks or signs of illness or injury. Once we get to know your best friend well, we will be able to notice any changes in behavior that may alert you to a special need so it can be attended to promptly.

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Vacation Pet Sitting

Best Friends does multiple visits throughout the day and evening to ensure your best friend has as much fun on your vacation as you do.

All of your pet's needs are exceeded and plenty of TLC time is mandatory!

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OverNite Stays

Best Friends arrives in time for your pet's dinner and stays through breakfast thenext morning. Your pet enjoys the company of a loving and caring pet careprovider so that their experience while you are away is "All about them"!Your home is watched over and cared for while you are away. Mail and packages are brought inside. Plants are watered. Your house looks lived in to avoid possible wrongdoing.

When you return home, your pets will be as happy as you were on vacation.

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