Best Friends Pet Service LLC

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With decades of experience loving and caring for animals, it just seemed only natural that Wanda & Michael Keyes would take their passion and turn it into a business.

Wanda and Michael are both life-long residents of Loudoun. They learned to care for animals growing up in homes where a  variety of animal friends lived and thrived throughout the years.

When Wanda and Michael married in 1982, they continued their passion for animals, rescuing pets of all kinds from shelters and homes that could no longer care for them.

Their heart felt desire to see all animals enjoy a long and happy life led them to start Best Friends Pet Service, LLC in 2003.

After caring for hundreds of pets, their experience has only grown. Their passion for all pet friends has provided them with an amazing ability to relate to each animal above and beyond the average kennel attendant.

They bond with each pet establishing a friendship and a trust that allows each pet a comfortable experience whether it's for a short Potty Break or a two week Family Vacation.

Wanda and Michael also have an extensive history in providing quality customer service which translates to a safe and reliable experience for you. You can depend on them to do what they say they will do to provide care for our pets. No short-cuts will be taken. Every minute you pay for will be spent caring for your pet.

Folks all over Western Loudoun have been trusting Best Friends Pet Service to care for their best friends since 2003.

It's time for you to experience their services today.

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